Skimble Now Lets You Get Physical On Twitter

skimbleSkimble, a web site that helps you plan and track your outdoor activities and workouts, hopped on the Twitter train today with the release of a feature that lets you tweet your activity to its site. It joins a growing group of exercise-focused applications and web sites that are integrating the micro-messaging service into their offerings. For example, Kevin over at jkOnTheRun has reviewed RunKeeper, an iPhone application that lets you post your workouts and run times to Twitter, and he currently logs his pushups workout to the onehundredpushups web site, which tweets his results.

The data that’s kept about our workouts on mobile phones is “personally useful and actionable,” according to CNET’s Matt Asay. He found that apps like RunKeeper “track my progress against personal goals and, in so doing, have facilitated that progress.” And since your tweets are broadcasted across the Twitter network, your friends will notice when you’ve been slacking off.

Skimble awards users points for each activity, which is intended to both reward them and create friendly competition, according to Skimble’s co-founder Maria Ly. While the point system isn’t fully fleshed out yet (the site just launched last month), users currently receive an award icon on their site profile and a congratulatory email if they achieve an activity goal they set for themselves. With its new Twitter integration feature, Skimble logs activity to its site via users’ tweets; users simply type either “@skmbl” or “#skimble” somewhere within the tweet or send a direct message to Skimble’s Twitter account.

Skimble is a two-person team made up of Ly and co-founder Gabriel Vanrenen, who together self-funded the site, and is based in San Francisco.

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