Gowalla vs. FourSquare: Who Will Win?

gowalla imageFourSquare, the location-based mobile application game that launched back in March, has been getting a lot of attention here in the U.S., but in the meantime, an offering made available in the iPhone (s appl) App Store that same month has been gaining users internationally: Gowalla. Created by the Austin, Texas-based startup AlamoFire, the app is similar to FourSquare in that you can check in and notify friends when you get to a certain location, such as a restaurant or a bar, to earn “pins,” much like the set of badges you try to earn on FourSquare. But Gowalla’s location-based information is crowdsourced, which has allowed the app to quickly gain traction in places around the world.

So while FourSquare rolled out its app in London last week and is poised to expand to Paris next, Gowalla has had a 7-month head start in those cities and countless others. CEO Josh Williams wouldn’t specify how many users Gowalla has, but said they collectively create more than 1,000 new locations a day.

Of course, FourSquare has a leg up in that it’s also available on Android-based (s goog) phones. But that advantage is set to disappear as Gowalla’s Williams tells us that the startup plans to expand to Android and BlackBerry (s rimm) devices, as well as the Palm (s palm) Pre, within the next few weeks.

AlamoFire received $2 million in funding from Founder’s Fund and Alsop Louie Partners in February 2008.