Salesforce Annual Run Rate Tops $1.2B: Benioff

benioffSalesforce’s (s crm) revenue run rate is currently more than $1.2 billion, CEO Marc Benioff said during a talk at the Oracle (s orcl) World conference in San Francisco today. And over 63,000 customers are using the company’s cloud-based services, according to Benioff, who spent 13 years at Oracle. “The power of cloud computing is the democratization of technology, allowing everybody to have the same access to the same code, the same capability through a robust sharing model, and that’s how we get to over 63,000 companies using our services,” he said.

Kraig Swensrud, Salesforce’s vice president of product marketing, was on hand to demo the San Francisco-based company’s Service Cloud 2 product, which enables companies’ customer service representatives to provide support to consumers on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook as it can be used to push out company information directly to the public web. For example, PC maker Dell (s dell), a Service Cloud 2 customer, can use the platform to view a customer’s tweet asking how to hook up a netbook to their HDTV and respond to it with a link to the company web site that instructs them how to do so.

Dell CEO Michael Dell also joined Benioff onstage to laud the power of the cloud, a day after the two companies saidthey’re pairing up to offer products targeted at small- and medium-sized businesses. Dell will sell Salesforce’s CRM products and will offer services that integrate them into the software SMBs are already using. Financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. The two companies’ relationship doesn’t end there, of course; Salesforce’s data center is powered by Dell products.

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