As FiOS Zooms, Time Warner Scrambles to Launch Wideband Service

[qi:gigaom_icon_fttx] Time Warner Cable (s TWC) today finally launched its super high-speed wideband consumer and business Internet service in New York. It’s been a long time coming, for as we’ve noted before, Time Warner Cable is a laggard when compared to other cable providers.

The company has already tried to force metered broadband on its customers, and when that didn’t work, responded by refusing to boost its speeds. But competition, as they say, is a beautiful thing, for Time Warner Cable has been losing ground to Verizon’s (s VZ) FiOS broadband service in New York while Cablevision (s CVC), a Long Island-based cable provider, has been offering super high-speed connections (up to 100 Mbps) to its customers for many months now.

As the demand for broadband has slowed down, service providers have turned to selling premium (higher-speed) packages in order to increase their revenues. Time Warner Cable has been hit hard by the slowdown. The company added a mere 94,000 net new subscribers in the second quarter of 2009.

Here are some details about the Time Warner Wideband service:

Residential: Up to 50 Mbps downstream and 5 Mbps upstream for $99.95 per month
Business: Up to 50 Mbps downstream / 5 Mbps upstream and up to 20 Mbps downstream / 2 Mbps upstream. Includes 5 static IP addresses.
Availability: Available starting today in Manhattan (below 79th Street), Staten Island and Queens (Fresh Meadows, Forest Hills and South Flushing). It will be available throughout the company’s entire NYC service area by Spring 2010.