Today in Cleantech

Meet Nissan’s Leaf.  The automaker debuted the electric vehicle (EV) to coincide with the inauguration of its new headquarters in Yokohama, Japan.  Not only is the event an unsubtle hint about Nissan’s ambitions for the electric car (it’s hoping to build 200,000 a year), it’s also a peek into Nissan’s car building future.  So far, it seems that the company cooked up a drivable vehicle wrapped in a futuristic skin that shakes off the golf cart stigma (the sexy Tesla Roadster apparently isn’t enough) and isn’t too alien for the car buying public’s tastes.  Consumers will have plenty to mull over as they evaluate whether EVs are right for them, after all.  It helps that the Leaf looks and drives like a real car.  Rival automakers, take note.