TAB Welcomes: Dave Greenbaum

TAB Welcomes:  Dave Greenbaum
TAB Welcomes: Dave Greenbaum

As a new writer here, let me give you the File ? Get Info on me.

For my day job, I own a computer repair business here in Lawrence, Kansas. Drawing on my support background, I focus on practical technology from the user perspective; If I can’t find it useful, I’m not that interested in it. My passion is helping people with technology. I’ve worked in corporate IT and academic computing before settling on residential and small office computer support. I’m also heavily involved in our User Group.

My experience with Apple goes back to Apple IIe days; the first Mac I used was a MacPlus, and owned was a IIvx. Ever since then I’ve been a Mac fan. I even met my spouse through the Lawrence Apple Users’ Group and we’ve been married 10 years this June.

At home I use a Mac Pro for my main workstation. I’m proud to say I have every current form factor of Mac just in case a customer needs a part or I need to test something. I carry with me an iPhone and black Macbook, and in the office we have a Mac mini. Dare I even discuss my home-built PC or my upcoming netbook? Yes, because we still live in a PC world and sometimes the Mac is not the best at everything. I have my foot in both worlds.

I’ll bring to TheAppleBlog consumer advocacy and critical analysis. My writing will focus on industry trends that will matter most for an Apple users’ daily life. Some of my past articles have been reprinted by the User Group community around the globe, and I’ve written technology columns for daily newspapers in this region.

In my “spare” time, I enjoy cooking, gourmet food and drink, as well as occasional travel. While working hard, you might find me listening to the Pet Shop Boys or Nine Inch Nails. Since I truly love what I do for a living, I find that I don’t need too much free time.

I love hearing your comments and feedback: good, bad or otherwise. Let’s keep the conversation going!