TWC to Customers: You Don't Want Tiers, You Don't Get Super-fast Broadband

Updated: Well, I hope all of you who complained about Time Warner Cable’s (s TWC) plans for metered broadband are happy. Shortly after the cable company pulled its metered broadband trials, it’s also rethinking its deployment of super-fast broadband in San Antonio and Austin, Texas; Greensboro, N.C., and Rochester N.Y. Whiny citizens in those communities (including me) apparently don’t deserve super-fast broadband speeds of 50 Mbps unless it’s accompanies by tiers.

A Time Warner Cable spokesman says the cable company was planning to roll out DOCSIS 3.0 upgrades as part of its consumption-based broadband trials, but it’s now “reevaluating whether or not the trial cities are among those places” scheduled for DOCSIS 3.0 rollouts. As for rolling out next its next-generation cable network, Time Warner has been making vague statements but so far hasn’t laid out any definitive plans.

Update: A few people have questioned if this information is based solely on the tweets linked to above. It is not. I emailed Time Warner Cable to clarify the tweets and received the partial quote offered in the story.