2008 Best App Ever Awards: Your Vote Counts!

iPhone news and review site has announced the launch of Best App Ever, a new site which allows you to nominate your favorite apps and games in any one of thirty categories.

  • Most Innovative App – The most innovative app on the iPhone OS platform
  • Most Useful App – The app you just can’t live without
  • Best Free or Ad Supported App – The best free or ad-supported application – must currently be free in the US App Store
  • Best 99 Cent App – The ‘I can’t believe this only cost $.99’ app – must currently cost $0.99 in the US App Store
  • Best iPhone WOW App – The app makes your friends jealous (and want to buy an iPhone)
  • Best Productivity Enhancer – The app that helps you get it done in half the time
  • Best Productivity Killer – The app that prevents you from getting it done
  • Best Feel Like A Local App – The app that helps the traveler find the local hot spots
  • Best Outdoor Use App – The app that enhances travel, outdoor exploration or transit use
  • Best Musical Instrument App – The app that turns the iPhone into a musical instrument, and you into a rock star
  • Best Social Networking App – The app that keeps you connected on the road
  • Best Photography App – The app that turns iPhone photography into masterpieces
  • Best Kid Distraction App – The app that keeps your kids happy (for a minute)
  • Most Creative Use of iPhone Hardware – The app that does things with the iPhone hardware that the Apple would never have dreamed of
  • Best Use of Location Services – The app that uses the core location services in new and innovative ways
  • Most Original User Interface – The app that redefines interface design
  • Best User Interface – The app with the best user interface in an application or game
  • Most Innovative Game – The game that has shown the greatest innovation on the platform
  • Best Original Game – The best game that is original on the iPhone platform
  • Best Game Port – The best game adapted from another platform or system
  • Best Casual Game – The game that is easy to pick up and play while you wait for your coffee to brew
  • Best Long-Play Game – The game that sucks you and won’t let you go until your battery dies
  • Best Free or Ad Supported Game – The best free or ad-supported game – must currently be free in the US App Store
  • Best 99 Cent Game – The ‘I can’t believe this only cost $.99’ app – must currently cost $0.99 in the US App Store
  • Best Game Graphics – The game with the killer graphics
  • Best Game Controls – The game with the best use of the iPhone hardware for a game controller
  • Best Arcade Game – The game that rocks the arcade or action genre
  • Best Puzzle Game – The game that makes puzzles exciting again
  • Best Traditional Game – The game that celebrates tradition — card, board, casino, etc.
  • Best Racing Game – The game that gets your adrenaline pumping
  • Best Kids Game – The game or educational app you want your kid to play
  • Best Strategy Game – The game that keeps you one step ahead
  • Best Word Game – The game that lets you exercise your vocabulary

You can submit your nominations at the Best App Ever main site by clicking on the category and entering the information for the application. On December 31 the nominees for all categories will be posted and polls will open. The winners will be announced on January 7, 2009 at Macworld Expo.

This is a great opportunity to give your favorite iPhone developers a chance at some additional recognition for a job well done.