Peak at the Peek

Recliningsku2When the Peek was first announced we admit to scratching our heads a bit at the thought of a handheld email device.  While that sounds like a smartphone the Peek is not, it just does email.  We are not the target audience, the non-techies who are hankering to get started in the world of mobile email are the folks that Peek is aimed at.  This little gadget may be what they need according to a hands-on look by Laptop Magazine.  The Peek will be sold at Target stores and according to the reviewer is drop-dead easy to set up and use.  This may be the Peek’s ultimate strength so we’ll have to see if the consumer is willing to shell out $20 per month for email.  Every reviewer I’ve spoken with who has played with the Peek has offered the same good impressions of the Peek so there is potential here. 


Height = 102 mm (~ 4.02 inches)
Width = 68 mm (~ 2.7 inches)
Depth = 10.6 mm (~ 0.42 inches)
Weight = 109 grams

Charcoal Gray
Aqua Blue
Black Cherry

2.5” diagonal
QVGA (Quarter VGA) which is 240 pixels high by 320 pixels wide
Languages: English

Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Charge: via power adapter
Battery life/standby time: 5 days between charges with “typical usage” and 2 days with “heavy” usage.