Back in the Netflix Groove: Red Envelopes Return

After being out of commission for three days this week, Netflix has got its shipping back up and running. Like the bizarre death of Spinal Tap drummer Eric Childs, the mystery of why Netflix went down remains unsolved, or at least unknown by the general public, as the company remains mum on the details (I blame a massive pre-ordering of Baby Mama starring the adorable Tina Fey).

Netflix will be saying “my bad” to its subscribers by offering a fifteen percent credit to their next billing statement (though at least one blogger would prefer reparations in the form of more movies).

The New York Times Bits blog lays out 3 lessons other companies can learn from Netflix’s pain. Indeed, the company’s handling of the “crisis” was text book PR 101, and you haven’t heard much rankling from the masses, but Netflix might have been saved by something other than its good graces. With Michael Phelps and his Olympics crew capturing the country’s attention and eyeballs, who has time for movies when the games are this good?