Question of the Day: Go Big or Build Small?

While working a full time job, I have devoted my nights and weekends to developing a community-powered marketplace, which I feel will be incredibly successful. I have bounced the idea off many people, and they seem to be excited about the site and the movement it can create. Now, however, I stand at a fork in the road. All I need now, is to get the word out to people. Since this is a consumer-oriented application, I feel going the standard Web 2.0 route and getting blogger attention and “going viral” will not work for this application, and will simply end up wasting away on a web host like so many sites do nowadays.

*Question of the Day:*

*Should I Go Big — and get venture financing to do it*? or Would it be better for me to *Build Small — by scraping together whatever funds I have to eke out some small print add?*

It seems the tech entrepreneurial world is torn right now, with half the crowd saying “get funding” and the other half saying “VC is evil, do it yourself.”

What are your honest thoughts on the matter?