Update: NBC Content Goes Unboxed

Looks like (AMZN) is the big winner in the NBC vs. iTunes spat: NBC has decided that its content will appear on Unbox, Amazon’s digital video download service.

Unbox customers can pay to download hit NBC shows such as The Office and Heroes, as well as watch the pilot episodes of the upcoming Bionic Woman, Chuck, and Journeyman, for free starting Sept. 10.

NBC Universal and Apple (AAPL) last week became embroiled in a very public breakup, with many wondering what service would move to fill NBC viewers’ VOD needs. Despite the fact that the iTunes flap was supposedly (according to Apple) over price, NBC’s shows will retail on Unbox for $1.99 — the same as iTunes. (Unbox does offer up to a 30 percent discount if your purchase the entire season.)

The big loser in all of this? Mac users. Unbox only works with PCs and TiVos.

Is it just us, or were NBC TV shows available on Unbox prior to today? A quick search through Google cache reveals The Office up on Unbox as of Sept. 2. When asked for clarification, a spokesperson for NBCU replied via email: “Movies were up there. NBCU broadcast and cable content is new.” Yet one of our readers, when we asked you all Where Will You Watch NBC? last week, pointed out the availability of NBC shows on Unbox:

Jim wrote:
I tried watching Heroes on but those ads annoyed me. I ended up downloading it from Amazon Unbox – it was cheaper than iTunes and in much better quality.