Update: Babelgum Relaxes Film Fest Exclusivity

Good news for aspriring filmmakers interested in the upcoming Babelgum Online Film Festival we wrote about yesterday.

Babelgum clarified its stance on exclusivity (hooray!) and broadened eligibility for its fest. An updated announcement with new information is up on the Babelgum blog. Here’s an excerpt:

“…2 points which are a little different from the press
release posted yesterday (written before the Venice week end, sorry
about that).

Babelgum will hold NON-exclusive online rights to all accepted films
for 1 year (March 2008 to March 2009) with the only exception of
other similar peer-to-peer Web Television services. Details
concenrning rights will be outlined in the terms and conditions that
will be released on september 15th. Babelgum wants to give filmmakers
an important opportunity to advance their careers and not to prevent
them from further monetizing their productions, if they have the
chance to.

The contest will be opened not just to films screened at
international film festivals between January 2007 and February 2008
but to all films professionally produced during that same period. On
Spike Lee’s special request, film schools students will be allowed to
participate under equal conditions.”