Who knew: 10 years of blogs

Wow, it took a mainstream pub, The Wall Street Journal to remind us that it is the 10th year of blogging. They have a special feature running in the paper, today which talks about most of the pioneers of blogging, including Dave Winer. WSJ calls Jorn Barger, Winer and Cameron Barrett as the advance guard of blogging. WSJ says Barger was the first to the party, though from what I remember, Dave was there first, and then came the rest of us.

The article talks to 12 important people, and what blogging means for them, and the general media landscape. Never mind the heavy political skew of the story, it is still a worthy read.

Mia Farrow loves BoingBoing. Dick Costolo (now a Google slave) is a Fake Steve Jobs groupie, while the other guy from Craigslist aka not Craig Newmark loves Valleywag. Geriatric hipster Tom Wolfe “weary of narcissistic shrieks and baseless ‘information,’ no longer reads blogs.” Just like his books.

Update: Duncan Riley says Justin Hall was the first to use blogging format, Barger came up with the term blogging. Hall and Winer got started in first quarter of 1996.