In Sacramento, 50 mbps broadband on tap

For someone I have never met, I sure am jealous of Sacramento, CA.-resident, Jim Husman, who according to his phone company, SureWest Communications has one of the fastest residential Internet connections in America.


Actually make that the fastest symmetric residential connection – for there are some parts of the country where Cablevision and Verizon FiOS have similar asymmetric speed offerings.

SureWest’s press release claims (a boast that hasn’t been really verified) that Husman is the first customer of the independent telecom operator to get a over 50 megabits per second upstream and downstream speeds on this new broadband network.

Now this ain’t cheap: $260 a month! Throw in extras like digital TV, high definition TV, local and long distance telephone, and PCS wireless and your monthly bill could hit a whopping $415 a month. Given that Sacramento is a couple of hours away from San Francisco, we wonder when our local incumbents – Comcast and AT&T – will boost our speeds. We are still stuck at 6 Mbps! Sigh!