Change is good!

Sena_casesBy now you might have noticed some changes here; our thought is that change is inevitable and good. We’re thrilled to announce we have a new partnership with Sena Cases, a top-notch custom case manufacturer for handheld devices; this is the first direct advertising relationship we’ve done and quite honestly: we wouldn’t enter into such a partnership unless we believed in the product. We’ve also modified the look and feel of our site just a tad, with the intent being that we provide you more information in the same space.Bear in mind that James and I have full-time jobs and family obligations; ideally, our “hobby” of providing mobile news, views and reviews is what we’d like to do even more. Changes like the ones just made, in addition to strategic partnerships with key players in the mobile computing world might help us acheive that goal. As always, our site is nothing without your support and for that: we sincerely thank you!