Dutch Super Server Farm and Google

Is the Netherlands the new server hub?

According to a Dutch newspaper report, a massive new server farm is being built in the Eemshaven (Eems harbor) and will be able to store 100,000 servers and will have access to 30 megawatts of power, mostly coming from a huge power plant that is just a stone’s throw from the new proposed server farm. As a comparison, we have heard (not confirmed) Level 3 uses around 40 megawatts of power in all its server farms.

The server farm is pretty close to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange, one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world, and has direct connections to the U.S. The report suggests that Google might be one of the main tenants at this new server farm, even though they are big customers of the Zernike server complex in nearby Groningen City.

The new server farm and its location is part of a larger industry trend: locate data centers close to locations with access to cheap power. Power is viewed as a major bottleneck in the web infrastrucure. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft are spending billions in the Pacific Northwest to build out their web infrastructure. Google also inked a deal to build out a big data center in North Carolina for pretty much the same reasons – power.

Hat tip, Vincent Dekker via The Cook Report.