Some Background on Apple’s Multi-Touch Tech

I’m still happy that the iPhone sports multi-touch technology. If for nothing else, that’s a huge reason I want to get my hands on (even, all over) an iPhone in June. The way Tom Cruise manages that futuristic computer in Minority Report gets me every single time I watch the movie – and now there’s finally a mainstream way that everyone can do the same sort of thing.

CrunchGear wrote about some of the background on this multi-touch technology that Apple’s so proud of. It looks as if Apple may have purchased the company, FingerWorks, about 2 years ago. I actually had a touch sensitive mouse pad from FingerWorks a few years back. It was pretty sweet, being able to do things on my computer with nothing more than hand gestures – not even a mouse was necessary. Anyway, a few months later the 2 principle brains behind FingerWorks were employed by Apple.

Some may argue that because Apple [allegedly] bought out the company and hired-on the chief engineers of the project, that they didn’t invent the technology as Jobs claimed in his Keynote. I suppose that’s up for interpretation, as I’m sure Apple’s backing has allowed the engineers to do a lot more than they may have been able to before. In fact, with Apple – and clearly Steve – so devoted to this technology, I can’t wait to see what kind of haptic-based controls we’ll get in the future from Apple Inc.