Where will Amanda Go?

Amanda “Rocketboom” Congdon has been unboomed! What a bummer since I really enjoyed her vlog on Net Neutrality. She did not specify the reasons for the break-up or where she will go, but I have a suggestion.

Folks at PodTech should hire her – right away! (Doh… Scoble is already thinking along those lines.) With Scobelizer already in the house, they have the whole vlogging podcast thing almost figured out. Add Amanda to the mix, and they become a serious player in the video-podcasting business. Vlogs are more fun, and are likely to get more mainstream interest than podcasts. (Okay that is just my theory!) If done right, video podcasts can become big money earners, since they get higher CPMs. Say what John?

Update: Andrew Barton says Amanda decided to move on. To pursue Hollywood dreams.