Vista build 5365 in da house

AeroglassBeta 2 preview, also known as Microsoft Vista Build 5365, became available a few short days ago. I usually wait a few days to grab new builds, mainly to let the initial traffic jam in "Download City" clear out, so the new build is on it’s way and is due to arrive in another 2.5 hours. That’s assuming we have no backups along our route, of course. Previously, I used Vista on the Toshiba Portege M205 and even got Aero Glass to run on 32 MB of video RAM after a few tweaks. I won’t likely do that on this go around since it slows the Tablet PC to a near crawl.

I will throw Vista on a separate partition of the Tablet PC and (for the first time) will also begin to look into the Windows Media Center capabilities by installing it on my current WMCE machine. Again, that will be a separate partition because I can’t live without my current WMCE box; I use it to record free high-definition television via over-the-air signals in nearby Philadelphia.

If you’re looking for updated Vista screenshots while I’m tinkering, Paul Thurrott has a handful for your viewing pleasure. While the purpose of my Vista beta participation is first and foremost to beta the new OS, if you’re interested in particular features or functions, drop a comment here and we’ll do what we can. No promises that we can address everything, of course, but knowing what you’re interested in will likely fit in nicely with the beta activities. Now, back to downloading…