Gmail: the one thing I don’t like about it is…

GmailI’m addicted to Gmail. There, I said it. Now that I’ve come out of the closet, I wanted to briefly share my reasons for this infatuation, along with the one beef I have. The fact that I can access my email from any Internet connection wherever I am is huge. Having EV-DO on two of my devices doesn’t hurt, but I’ll make use of a hotspot as needed; I’m not fussy. Staying up to date on key websites is another "Yeah, we’ve got that" in Gmail. Just use the Web Clips function to stay on top of your favs thanks to RSS. Gmail on a mobile phone? It’s in there if you want to direct your mobile to the right URL for proper formatting. No Internet Explorer required. So what’s my problem, if I’m so in love with Gmail?


It’s simple really; we need a little embellishment on the interface: let’s add an "Empty Spam" action to the menu. Why do I have todelete spam on a page view by page view basis? In the Gmail Settings, you can configure Gmail to showup to 100 messages per page, so the 2,400+ messages in my Spam folderrequired over 20 page refreshes or actions. You can select All items, but only the items on a page view will be selected.

Even with the generousstorage space Gmail provides, this many spam messages take up a nice chunk ofcapacity; a chunk I’d like to quickly reclaim, not spend 10 minutes ofmaintenance time to get it back. On the road, time is of the essence.Sure we want our connectivity without limits but the reason we wantthat is because it saves time. We don’t have to tether ourselves to adesktop to check mail; we can just do so when and where we want. Isn’tit about time we saved time in the maintenance tasks too?

Don’t worry "G", I still love ya and nobody’s perfect: not even a beta product. ;) So that’s my beef. How about you? Is there something you would change, add or remove from Gmail? C’mon out of the closet and join me by sharing your thoughts.