Seagate 750 GB perpendicular drive on the way

Looks like Seagate needs to increase the buffer on their website, not their hard drives. DailyTech found some leaked information on the Seagate site yesterday that described the company’s newest perpendicular drives, ranging from 200 GB to a whopping 750 GB of storage. The new 7200 RPM drives up to 16 Megabyes of cache and transfer rates between 100 and 300 Mbps, depending on the drive interface used. Just last year Seagate incorporated perpendicular recording technology into their Momentus line of notebook drives, providing for up to 120 GB of storage in a 2.5" drive. 250 GB in my Windows Media Center desktop fills up pretty quickly with HDTV programming; I’m saving my pennies for three-quarter terabyte drive as we speak.