InPlay announces battery free MagicPoint 820 digital pen

Inplay_penAlthough this announcement is really geared towards Tablet PC OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers), it grabbed my attention by explaining a little more how both passive and active digitizers work on Tablet PCs. InPlay’s subsidiary, FinePoint Innovations, has a new battery-free digital pen, the MP820, that uses RF technology to interact with the display. The full press release is after the jump, but if you’ve ever wondered how digital pen technology works with display screens, FinePoint has a solid overview here along with some additional details on their prior model, the MP800.

InPlay’s FinePoint Subsidiary Launches Battery-Free Computing Pen TechnologyExpands Product Line to Offer OEMs Choice of Self-Powered or Tablet-Powered Pen  (April 20, 2006)

PHOENIX, April 20

— InPlay Technologies (Nasdaq: NPLA) announcedtoday that its FinePoint Innovations subsidiary has expanded itsproduct line with the introduction of a patent-pending, battery-freecomputing pen system. Like FinePoint’s self-powered pen technology, thenew MagicPoint(R) 820 pen is a cordless, active RF digital pen versusthe analog pen used with most pen computing systems in the tablet PC market today. 

    "The addition of the MagicPoint(R) 820 to our product line gives us a battery-free pen solution that the large tablet PC OEMs are accustomed to, and gives them the advantages of our Digital Signal Stream technology," said Stephen Caldwell, president, FinePoint Innovations. 

    "We see MagicPoint(R) digital signaling for tablet PCpen input as an enabling technology, much like the shift in cell phonesfrom analog to digital. Digital signaling opens doors for hardware andsoftware developers, as well as offering expanded security options,"added Bob Brilon, CEO, InPlay Technologies.

    The MagicPoint(R) system consists of a digitizer behind the LCDand digital writing pen. The MagicPoint(R) 820 digitizer powers thepen. This patent-pending technology is different than otherdigitizer-powered analog signal pen products in the market.

  The MagicPoint(R) 820 is designed and engineered to optimize powerconsumption while maintaining high accuracy, high resolution and lownoise performance. 

"The MagicPoint(R) 820 is the next step inFinePoint’s Digital Signal Stream pen technology roadmap. With ourtechnology, we enable a variety of unique pen features, offeringproduct differentiation to computer OEMs and increased functionalityfor end-users," Caldwell added.

  FinePoint designs, developsand commercializes innovative pen-input solutions for builders oftablet PCs, computer peripheral products, POS terminals and kiosks. ItsMagicPoint(R) technology enables very low power consumption of the notebookbattery, and superior performance by using a digital RF communicationpath. Digital Stream Signaling offers greater accuracy and truepen-on-paper look and feel. OEMs also benefit with the ability tocustom configure pen solutions, and a limitless digital technologyroadmap for future feature enhancements. More information onMagicPoint(R) solutions can be found at   

    About InPlay Technologies

  InPlay Technologies markets and licenses proprietary emergingtechnologies. The company was founded to commercialize its internallydeveloped Duraswitch electronic switch technologies and has executedlicense agreements with switch manufacturers and OEMs worldwide. Today,Duraswitch patented technologies are in the controls of a wide range ofcommercial and industrial applications. InPlay expanded its portfolioof technologies with the acquisition of FinePoint Innovations, adeveloper of pen computing products for tablet PCs and computerperipherals. FinePoint’s digital solution is the computing pen anddigitizer for a major computer OEM’s newly launched line of convertiblenotebooks. Visit for more information.   

SOURCE  InPlay Technologies