Microsoft: we’ve got a UMPC naming problem

Iriver_w10_1I noticed this story on a new UMPC device from iRiver along with a supporting story here and realized: we’ve got a naming problem on our hands. Maybe it’s just me, but is every mobile computing device under two pounds gaining the "UMPC" moniker? The new W10 is definitely a small computing device, but is clearly not an Origami device based on the apparently small screen size. I’ll even give it kudos for supporting WiFi, WiBro and WiMax, but when I think UMPC, I think of the devices like the Samsung Q1 and the TabletKiosk eo. I see no mention of a touchscreen or Tablet PC functionality on the W10 for example. Again, this could just be my lack of understanding on what "UMPC" and "Origami" really mean. I could start digging around for the semi-official specs, but I’m actually more interested in your thoughts.

Are the terms "UMPC" and "Origami" getting overused on devices that are really just small form-factor handhelds? While you ponder that, I’m going to some surfing on my UMPC-phone, er, I mean my XV6700 Windows Mobile 5 device.