Close reviews the OQO Model 01+

Oqo4As the mobile tech world continues to mumble "UMPC" and "Origami", we don’t want to forget the portable precursors like Motion’s LS800 and the OQO. has a nice mini-review of the OQO Model 01+ handheld computer running the Tablet PC operating system. Some early device configuration challenges with navigation and Bluetooth added to the relatively high price point of $2,000 make the OQO appear as a tough sell for many people. Additionally, some concerns with the screen and device heat concur with the video review James did a few months back. I’m sure there’s a market for this device, but with the mobile community finding similar issues and with the expected competition from UMPC devices, the OQO market appears to be more geared towards the enterprise at this point.

(Thanks Dave!)