Phlash is a bright idea for your cameraphone

Phlash_quarterSome cameraphones have a built-in LED flash, but if yours isn’t one of them, you might want to check out the Phlash for under $30. Oh Gizmo! has a review of the unit that’s slightly larger than a quarter and puts out a plethora of illumination for your photos. It won’t help much beyond a meter, but within six feet of a dim person (not that kind) or other object, the Phlash will light up your life. The before and after photos in the review are fairly compelling that this small device works as advertised, much like any LED-based light. For the not-so-coordinated photographers out there: you don’t need to hit the Phlash button and your camera shutter button at the same time. You simply hold the Phlash button to activate it, snap your pic, and let go of the Phlash button to turn it off. While any decent LED light could suffice for the Plash, one nice touch is that you can attach the Phlash to your cameraphone thanks to the included 3M tape.