Textpander is now a Universal Binary

I tried launching Textmate from Quicksilver just now, but acted too quickly and Textpander‘s Preference Pane popped open instead. A Happy mistake though, as it alerted me that version 1.2.2 is now available. And for all you new Core Duo owners, it’s a Universal Binary, so go grab it now.

If you aren’t familiar with Textpander, it’s a great little utility. It runs in the background, monitoring your typing (not in a Big Brother sort of way). You set it to look for certain text patterns that it then converts to something else.

Some examples may be:

  • typing ‘’ will automagically be expanded to ‘’
  • if you type too fast, maybe you set ‘teh’ to expand to ‘the’
  • use it to input a timestamp
  • use it to add trademark or copyright characters, or my favorite, the ?
  • if you blog or code a fair amount, use it for code tags – so if you type an openingg tag, it’ll replace it with the opening AND closing tags
  • maybe you’re a CSR and answer support emails – set something like ‘faq5’ to ‘a long pre-canned response to this question because you get it every time and don’t want to type the answer again, or find it in a file, copy it, paste it, etc, etc, etc’
  • you can even set a text pattern to be replaced by any graphic of your choosing

Anyway, give Textpander a look. I like it. You may too.