Yahoo Buying Digg Or Not

The rumors and all the Web 2.0 buzz is making my head spin. Earlier this morning I read that Yahoo was in serious talks to buy Digg, the pretty young thing among the social bookmarking sites. Kevin Rose, one of the founders of refuted the rumor. End of the day, Kevin Burton says that he has heard from two folks that Yahoo is offering $30 million for

I am wondering why would Yahoo do this deal so soon after acquisition? If there is any truth, and I mean a really big “if,” then why didn’t they buy in the first place? I am totally erring on the side of caution on this one, and going with what Russell had posted earlier this morning. (Artwork by Russell, of course!)

Thomas Hawk says: “As it turns out this is probably not the case and this will go down as another of those rumors that was just that, a rumor.”