101 Dumbest Moments

Every year Business 2.0 publishes the “101 Dumbest Moments in Business” and the latest edition of the list if now available over on the Business 2.0 website. I have selected some of my favorites, for your enjoyment.

The Technology Dumbest Moments.

“If there’s a burglar in my home, maybe I send an e-mail or a text message to the police instead of making a call.”
— Skype co-founder Niklas Zennstrom, on his VOIP service’s lack of 911 access.

And this one is a hoot, explains richer they are the dumber they are as well. I like to call it the Paris Hilton Syndrome

Facing charges alleging that he looted his company of tens of millions of dollars, disgraced ex-CEO Conrad Black returns to Hollinger headquarters in Toronto and makes off with several cartons of files from his former office. A security camera captures the escapade on tape. Faced with a contempt-of-court charge, Black returns the files to Hollinger.

And sometimes, a lap dance can cost $3 million in stock

In October, American Express sues Savvis CEO Robert McCormick for $241,000 in charges he racked up on a visit to New York strip club Scores. Savvis places McCormick on unpaid leave after he admits to the visit but claims that he charged less than $20,000. He later resigns, accepting more than $600,000 in severance but forfeiting almost $3 million in preferred stock.

And just to balance things out, there is The Smart List. First from that package is Imagining Google’s Future.