News 2.0, actually Repackaged News 2.0

Update: Actually, Pete was pointing to a post by Rich Skrenta of Topix who quips, “it looks like the social software space of a few years back.” But still, most think I am off base. So I will repeat. Remix as much as you want, just use a different label, not News 2.0.

Pete Cashmore writes a thoughtful Web 2.0 blog called Mashable. Its a delicious delight for some groovy analysis. I don’t agree with him. Like today he puts up a list of sites that are generically labeled News 2.0. On the list are usual suspects – Digg, Findory, Reddit, Google News and more. The definition of news is quite different for what the basic nature of sites listed in the Mashable post. (Dictionary, Webster, and Wikipedia)

Most don’t really create anything (notable exceptions Newsvine and Backfence) but instead are simply repackaging news that other people create. Without the efforts of News 1.0 and Bloggers, News 2.0 doesn’t mean anything. Its not News 2.0, but instead Repackaging News 2.0. We need to find a new descriptor. I do agree with Cashmore: they all look increasingly similar, which doesn’t behold good tidings for the future.