India’s Reliance Unveils Mobile TV

Reliance Infocomm has launched near real-time television on mobile by video-streaming the live telecast of two news channels – Aaj Tak and NDTV. The service costs Rs 15 per view, with each view not restricted by a time limit.
I’m not entirely sure how this is being done…the TV streams are being converted into a mobile-recognisable format before being streamed, which leads me to think the service is broadcast over the 3G network. Also, the Nokia handsets mentioned in the article don’t feature any obvious mobile TV capabilities.
“There are different ways of doing this, such as Digital Video Broadcast Satellite (DVBS) and Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial (DVBT). We are experimenting with different technologies,” said Mahesh Prasad, president, applications solutions and content group, Reliance Infocomm.” (via ContentSutra)