WaPo Discovers The Net Neutrality Issue

Chris Stern, a former telecom reporter turned media analyst, writes in The Washington Post about the great debate on the network neutrality, the tier-ing of the Internet. It is an interesting and perhaps well written article, that is going to make the general audience aware of the troubled future of network neutrality and tier-ing of the Internet. More public debate is needed, and hopefully the mass media will help foster conversation.

Still, I didn’t care much for Stern’s comment, “But lately the issue, a matter of heated debate on obscure blogs and among analysts like me, has begun to attract the attention of the mainstream press.” Which obscure blogs is he talking about? Jeff Pulver is not obscure, neither is Doc Searls. Obscure blogs, were doing the job of Washington Post, a great newspaper that’s a (proverbial) stone’s throw from FCC.