Channel 4 Pulls Plug on iTV In New Media Push

Is this a sign of things to come? UK’s commercial public service broadcaster Channel 4 has pulled the plug on its “red button” interactive TV programming to concentrate on broadband and mobile services. “Our view is that red button technology is a clunky and inefficient use of capacity,” Channel 4 CEO Andy Duncan said at the Oxford Media Convention.
“It’s not much loved or used by audiences, it’s too expensive, and it has been rather overtaken by the opportunities offered by the internet and broadband.”
Channel 4 has been making some very strong moves into the mobile TV and video space, apparently recognizing that it is easier to generate revenue in that area. “The commercial public service channel has had a patchy commitment to interactive television. The most popular use was in support of the reality television programme Big Brother. However, producers have found it easier to monetise mobile phone and premium rate telephony services.”
Guardian: Duncan said he thought red button interactive services only came into their own during major sporting events. (from our sister site PaidContent)
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