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  • Rebooting Gigaom Research
    Weekly Update

    On March 9 2015, Gigaom ceased operations because of the insolvency of Giga Omni, the corporation behind the...

    Stowe Boyd
  • A New Social Contract: Do We Need a New ‘Dependent Contractor’ Class of Worker in the U.S.?

    This is the first of an ongoing series of posts on A New Social Contract, exploring the changing...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Little Bird’s Thought Leaders on the Future of Work

    I saw that Little Bird’s Marshall Kirkpatrick has identified 20 thought leaders in the future of work...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Microsoft acquires quantified-work innovator Volometrix

    Microsoft has announced the acquisition of Volometrix, an innovative quantified work technology company. The company can tap into...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Google on collaboration

    Our customers often tell us that encouraging and enabling collaboration has dramatically improved their business. We decided...

    Philip Sheldrake
  • My Research Agenda – Haydn Shaughnessy

    I’ve spent the past 25 years exploring how economies transition. A big chunk of the explanation will...

    Haydn Shaughnessy
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