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  • Dropbox takes a few steps forward, and one giant step back
    Weekly Update

    Dropbox has definitely made a few ripples this past week, some of which indicate a significant step...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Nadella is pulling Microsoft into the 21st century

    Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s new CEO, is pushing hard to change the way that the tech behemoth thinks...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Are today’s office workscapes helping or hurting?

    I am involved in a medium-term research push on the workplace and the rise of the open...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Condi Rice joining Dropbox board is a terrible idea

    I’m betting that Drew Houston, his investors, and the rest of the board of directors of Dropbox...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Chasing the mobile context dream

    We are now in the post-desktop, mobile-first world, and there’s a number of interesting efforts that are...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Europe grapples with the always-on future of work, here today

    I’ve spent quite a lot of time in Europe — two summers at the University of Lisbon,...

    Stowe Boyd
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