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  • Revisiting the modern workplace with Dr. Marla Gottschalk
    Weekly Update

    Last week, I reported on some recent research published in the Ideapaint Functional Workplace Survey (see Are today’s office workscapes helping...

    Stowe Boyd
  • First trust, then trustworthiness: yes, it’s counterintuitive

    I was involved in an online chat at the Future of Work community and Avi Sujeeth posted this:...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Hackpad, where have you been hiding?

    Despite the frequent mention of Dropbox — and its acquisition spree — on these pages, somehow I...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Shape your work, not the other way around

    Over the past year or so, I have been using the phrase ‘sharpen your own shovel, dig...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Loomio provides structure for decision making

    Making decisions is hard, especially as groups grow in size. And tools like email are notoriously bad...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Would you use BitTorrent for file sync-and-share?

    I read today the BitTorrent– the folks generally associated with sharing pirated TV shows, movies or music...

    Stowe Boyd
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