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  • What Is a Research and Analysis Company For, Today?
    Monthly Update

    I’m interested in directing my efforts today — and those of the analysts and others who are...

    Stowe Boyd
  • Slack Posts New Functionality

    Slack is widely acknowledged as the enterprise real-time messaging (work chat) tool with the most traction, having...

    Larry Hawes
  • The State of Salesforce Community Cloud

    It’s the eve of’s annual Dreamforce event, and I have the company and its customers on...

    Larry Hawes
  • Banks Need To Take A Lesson from Kanye West, Before The Platform Wars Break Out

    I was recently invited to address a conference on planning in elite sports – as part of...

    Haydn Shaughnessy
  • From Supply Chains to Markets: The Evolving Context of Disruption

    There is something distinctly ironic about how enterprise social business tools have actually become a disruption agent...

    Haydn Shaughnessy
  • The New Social Contract: Fewer Close Connections At Work Means Slower Change

    We are not only missing out on the company bowling league and barbeques: we are diminishing our...

    Stowe Boyd
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