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  • Hype vs. traction: What not to expect in mobile in 2015
    Weekly Update

    Some important trends will have a significant impact on the mobile industry next year, but here are...

    Colin Gibbs
  • Infographic: Keeping Up with Apps

    Mobile development moves fast, with new devices, operating systems, languages, and tools. Choosing the right mobile application...

    Gigaom Research
  • Virtual desktops don’t replace EMM

    A few weeks ago, a Gigaom Research client told me she was “sick of BYOD” and wanted...

    Cormac Foster
  • The connected car is great, but can BlackBerry fully monetize QNX?

    BlackBerry's QNX is becoming the platform of choice for many car manufacturers, but to fully monetize it...

    Colin Gibbs
  • How Xiaomi could generate real money in emerging markets

    Xiaomi has suddenly emerged as one of the world's largest smartphone producers, but those phones generate razor-thin...

    Colin Gibbs
  • Mobile ad mediation is emerging as a powerful tool — for the right publishers

    Mobile app publishers are increasingly turning to ad network mediation to boost ad revenues and optimize fill...

    Colin Gibbs
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