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Bitcoin and beyond: understanding the opportunity in digital currency services and infrastructure

by Kristina Yee

The potential of alternative currencies and payment protocols lies in not only the promise of faster, cheaper money exchange and financial transactions but also the creation of a new paradigm for the digitization and transfer of all things of value. More >

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  • Facebook is wisely taking a global view in payments
    Weekly Update

    Facebook is reportedly planning to launch a payments offering that will surely include mobile phones. Rather than...

    Colin Gibbs
  • Aftermarket consoles could kick-start the auto app market

    Alpine is reportedly planning to launch the first aftermarket console supporting Apple's CarPlay system, enabling users to...

    Colin Gibbs
  • Amazon would face huge challenges in the smartphone business

    Amazon will reportedly is preparing to introduce a smartphone that presumably will run a forked version of...

    Colin Gibbs
  • Yes, Google still has a chance in mobile payments

    Google remains committed to mobile payments despite the fact that Google Wallet has failed to gain any...

    Colin Gibbs
  • Freemium tools for mobile customer experience management

    Amidst a somewhat spurious debate on whether native apps will kill the open web, Netbiscuits – a...

    David Card
  • Why I’m not worried about the mobile web

    Native apps have come to dominate the time we spend on our mobile devices as opposed to...

    Colin Gibbs
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