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  • Examining the battle for mobile enterprise app developers
    Weekly Update

    As the battle for the mobile enterprise heats up, Apple is well-positioned to attract the attention of...

    Colin Gibbs
  • The commoditization of app developer skills

    It wasn’t so long ago, if a smart young kid asked you how to make some serious money,...

    Michael Wolf
  • IoT security: How to do it (mostly) right

    The IoT is already dangerous. Here’s how to help before it gets out of hand.

    Cormac Foster
  • Emerging markets are great, but Microsoft must continue to pursue the mobile enterprise

    Microsoft is sharpening its focus on some emerging markets where Windows Phone is gaining steam. But Apple...

    Colin Gibbs
  • Apple: The tortoise in mobile payments vs. the hares

    Apple is deliberately laying a solid foundation for a mobile payments business while several competitors who were...

    Colin Gibbs
  • While NFC struggles, QR codes slog on

    While NFC technology struggles to find much of an audience in North America, much-aligned QR codes are...

    Colin Gibbs
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