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  • The Apple SIM will face huge challenges on the road to disruption
    Weekly Update

    The tech world is buzzing about Apple SIM, which potentially could enable mobile users to easily move...

    Colin Gibbs
  • Wearables in the enterprise: High risk and high reward

    The enterprise market for wearable devices may be even more promising than the consumer market. But gadgets...

    Colin Gibbs
  • Big software discovers little gadgets: What I learned at Oracle’s OpenWorld

    I dropped in on Oracle OpenWorld earlier this month, a lonely mobile analyst in a sea of...

    Cormac Foster
  • Facebook just gave local businesses a big boost

    Facebook introduced a new location-based ad platform this week that should appeal to the mom-and-pop businesses that...

    Colin Gibbs
  • Getting a head start on IoT at Structure Connect

    The internet of things is a tricky field to navigate. Not 10 years ago, the concept of...

    Ken Andersen
  • Challenges and opportunities abound in the fragmented IoT

    The Internet of Things is a remarkably fragmented world where no single operating system or technology will...

    Colin Gibbs
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