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  • Datameer 5, ExtraHop 4: start your (choice of) engines
    Weekly Update

    I’ve written much in this space, and on the Gigaom blog, about YARN and its impact on how...

    Andrew Brust
  • Oracle’s cloud cred part 2: JSON support as “table” stakes

    Oracle is helping customers carry their database technology investments to the cloud, step by step, as I...

    George Gilbert
  • Oracle’s database technology is getting cloud-friendly

    Oracle's public cloud aside, its flagship database is getting very cloud-friendly, even if Oracle doesn't much credit...

    George Gilbert
  • The benefits of in-memory databases

    As the scale of OLTP transactions skyrockets, disk-based databases are unable to keep up with demand. Here’s...

    Gigaom Research
  • Hadoop gets more versatile, but data is still king

    Hadoop, the open source big-data framework, has gradually evolved from being a shiny object in the laboratory...

    Andrew Brust
  • MapR to Hadoop market: Drill baby, Drill

    MapR throws Apache Drill in the box, Cassandra 2.1 releases, and that's just the beginning.

    Andrew Brust
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