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  • Preparing for TV’s mobile-first future
    Weekly Update

    As other types of publishers have before them, the TV industry's digital strategy increasingly will need to...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Programmatic ad-buying is finally coming to television

    The pace of change in the U.S. television business is notoriously glacial. But it actually looks like...

    David Card
  • FCC moving closer to Title II?

    It's clear from his responses to Verizon and AT&T, however, that Wheeler is skeptical of their apocalyptic...

    Paul Sweeting
  • As linear TV viewing falls, NBC tries some pixie dust

    Live sports rights are increasingly expensive, and there are only so many compelling awards shows and specials...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Contrarian views on the role of fashion in wearables

    Most would say it's a given that the fashion industry will have a big role in wearables....

    David Card
  • The mis-measure of Netflix

    In Netflix's subscription-based on-demand world, viewership is cumulative. Measuring it at any given point in time might...

    Paul Sweeting
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