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  • HBO, CBS and net neutrality
    Weekly Update

    Underlying much of the debate of interconnection fees and paid prioritization is an unspoken and largely unexamined...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Dealing with Amazon

    What does Simon & Schuster have that Hachette doesn't to give it leverage with Amazon? A major...

    Paul Sweeting
  • With HBO’s new OTT service, Tony Soprano gets a ‘taste’ of broadband

    Like a lot of networks these days, HBO is hungrily eyeing the fat margins cable operators are...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Creeping a la carte

    Consumers increasingly are willing and able to assemble their own, a la carte TV bundles, through a...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Carl Icahn’s dubious TV advice for Apple

    The "large opportunity" in TV for Apple is not in TV hardware, as Icahn suggests, but in...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Getting a head start on IoT at Structure Connect

    The internet of things is a tricky field to navigate. Not 10 years ago, the concept of...

    Ken Andersen
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