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  • Question for tablet makers: What else can this thing do?
    Weekly Update

    The problem for tablet makers is that the power to implement some of the most compelling potential...

    Paul Sweeting
  • In Time Warner bid, Fox betting on sports

    Time Warner-owned Turner is the only one of the major sports rights holders that Fox could conceivably...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Some thoughts on an Amazon ebook subscription service

    This week, Laura over at Gigaom broke the news that Amazon was working on an ebook subscription...

    Michael Wolf
  • What’s needed from marketing clouds

    All the big guys - Adobe, IBM, Salesforce, Oracle - have a suite of marketing tech platform...

    David Card
  • Aereo: Round 2

    Aereo is back in court with a brand new legal theory for why it should be allowed...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Net neutrality getting dis-connected

    For all the sturm und drang over fast lanes and slow lanes, from the point of view...

    Paul Sweeting
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