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  • The mis-measure of Netflix
    Weekly Update

    In Netflix's subscription-based on-demand world, viewership is cumulative. Measuring it at any given point in time might...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Contrarian views on the role of fashion in wearables

    Most would say it's a given that the fashion industry will have a big role in wearables....

    David Card
  • Regulating peering

    One of the most puzzling aspects of the peering disputes that have arisen -- principally between Netflix...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Neutral no more

    Now that Barack Obama has put his clear personal stamp on net neutrality, even Republicans who wouldn't...

    Paul Sweeting
  • TV networks getting that sinking feeling

    The networks generally insist that marketers are simply being cautious and that ad spending will ultimately pick...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Apple Pay – Forecasting consumer Adoption

    For several years, mobile payments in physical locations has been stalled here in the U.S. and –...

    Mark Beccue
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