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  • Justice Department could hold key to Aereo outcome
    Weekly Update

    The outcome of the Aereo case could turn on whether a majority of the justices can get...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Fudging it on Aereo

    To argue now that Cablevision's "first instance" retransmission licenses somehow conferred immunity from liability on its second-instance...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Aereo’s hopes hang in the cloud

    For all the sturm und drung the Aereo case unleashed it could all come down to a...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Win or lose in the Supreme Court, Aereo as we know it won’t last

    If Aereo loses in court it's done. But even if it wins there's nothing to stop broadcasters...

    Paul Sweeting
  • Sonos enabling bridge-less wireless Hi-Fi with new upgrade

    Sonos has been the unquestioned leader in multiroom wireless audio for about a decade, and only in...

    Michael Wolf
  • Website wars: Squarespace gets new round, Automattic on the hunt

    Interesting set of news from a couple of the key website platform players today. First, Squarespace announced...

    Michael Wolf
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