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  • A bit of “Bizarro World” in the cloud space last week
    Weekly Update

    A couple of cloud things happened this week. Microsoft announced a sales increased due largely to cloud-based...

    David S. Linthicum
  • Why CSI does not get cloud computing, and why there are no easy solutions

    I always get a kick out of the CSI shows on network television. They depict a world...

    David S. Linthicum
  • Amazon Zocalo: disrupting cloud storage, collaboration, and Desktop as a Service

    Amazon’s new document-sharing service Zocalo has the potential to attract a new set of customers who have...

    Janakiram MSV
  • Considering cloud service tiers

    Companies that leverage cloud will collect hundreds of cloud services, and these services will become parts of...

    David S. Linthicum
  • Why cloud services catalogs are all that, but not at all understood

    Cloud services catalogs are a centralized resource to both discover and leverage private or public cloud services....

    David S. Linthicum
  • Driven by multi-cloud, the public IaaS cloud market begins to equalize

    Google IO is this week in San Francisco. The first round of announcements out of Google are...

    David S. Linthicum
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