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  • We’re finally headed towards autonomous, self-migrating containers for cloud-application automation
    Weekly Update

    It’s 1:00 am. You get an email from an “application migration manger” (automation tool) that says your...

    David S. Linthicum
  • Putting outages into the proper perspective

    Which is worse: experiencing a cloud outage or waiting to experience a cloud outage? Last month, Azure...

    David S. Linthicum
  • Think you are ready to build a cloud? Think again.

    There is plenty of banter about what it truly takes to play in cloud: Do you think...

    Tim Crawford
  • How to make hybrid-cloud computing pay off

    Hybrid clouds should be built and designed to meet specific needs, not general solutions. That’s the only...

    David S. Linthicum
  • Google advances in the public cloud marketplace

    People have a tendency to forget that Google has always been in the public cloud space. Google...

    David S. Linthicum
  • CIOs are getting out of the Data Center business

    More than three years ago, a proclamation was made (by myself, Mark Thiele and Jan Wiersma) that...

    Tim Crawford
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