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  • California’s water crisis and the opportunity for innovation
    Weekly Update

    The multi year drought in California has many beginning to think of water the way we now think...

    Adam Lesser
  • IoT platforms and the product iteration argument

    When it comes to the smart home, big names like Nest and Dropcam have gotten most of...

    Adam Lesser
  • Structure Connect 2014 brings IoT visionaries to the mainstage this October

    Structure Connect, the third and final installment of Gigaom’s 2014 Structure series, comes to San Francisco October...

    Gigaom Research
  • Aquion Energy moving forward with battery storage

    For those interested in the evolving battery storage market and missed the July Gigaom article on Aquion...

    Adam Lesser
  • Utilities doing an about face on rooftop solar?

    For years the net metering fights have been getting uglier and uglier with utilities demanding increasingly higher...

    Adam Lesser
  • Making a better LED light

    Ever since the introduction of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) I’ve been hearing, and observing myself, how...

    Adam Lesser
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