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  • Is security the next piece of the smart-home puzzle?
    Weekly Update

    After the success of connected thermostats in the home, many are wondering what the next major point...

    Adam Lesser
  • The unwired smart home

    One of the funny things about the smart home is that it’s giving rise to hundreds of...

    Adam Lesser
  • The smart home in 5 years

    I moderated a panel recently at GMIC Silicon Valley, a conference that focuses on trends in mobile...

    Adam Lesser
  • What GlassPoint tells us about the natural gas market

    The woes of the solar thermal industry are well known but mostly boil down to the unexpectedly steep...

    Adam Lesser
  • Can fuel cells find a home in the data center?

    A few weeks ago at a ribbon cutting in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Microsoft officially announced that biogas was flowing to...

    Adam Lesser
  • The connected water heater: The next energy saver in the home?

    The success of connected thermostats in the smart home had much to do with Nest’s great design...

    Adam Lesser
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