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  • The battle to be the smart home platform of choice is on
    Weekly Update

    If there was any belief that the big IT players and hardware manufacturers weren’t intending to battle...

    Adam Lesser
  • The improving VC picture

    Over the past few quarters I’ve been wondering if we’re seeing a renaissance in venture capital and...

    Adam Lesser
  • The Legos of IoT

    For those of you who missed the introduction of Telefonica’s Thinking Things, it may appeal to the...

    Adam Lesser
  • Fuel cells for microgrids

    The long, slow maturation of the fuel cell industry has created many skeptics out there who have...

    Adam Lesser
  • Efficiency and the third wave of the internet

    It seems that everyone these days, from Steve Case to Goldman Sachs analyst Simona Jankowski, is talking...

    Adam Lesser
  • The EIA power generation figures and the future of the US energy economy

    Figures for the first half of 2014 for new utility scale power generation in the U.S. came...

    Adam Lesser
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