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  • Industrial IoT and the complexity of semiconductor fabrication
    Weekly Update

    Over the past couple weeks I’ve been looking at the importance of standards to industrial IoT as...

    Adam Lesser
  • Power generation: The challenge of industrial IoT

    Last week I wrote about the challenges in industrial IoT in terms of dealing with many different...

    Adam Lesser
  • The challenges of standards in industrial IoT

    The common wisdom is that consumer IoT will and is rolling out more quickly than industrial IoT...

    Adam Lesser
  • Is location sharing a path into the smart home?

    If having a third party app track your location via your smart phone 24 hours a day...

    Adam Lesser
  • Building awareness in Silicon Valley for agtech

    When thinking about the next hot sector ripe for innovation, we might think of the efforts in...

    Adam Lesser
  • Building the data stock exchange for IoT

    The Internet of Things brings with it a massive amount of data as device proliferation extends far...

    Adam Lesser
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