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  • Going with analytics when you don’t have sensors
    Weekly Update

    When I moderated a panel recently at Cisco’s Executive Panel on real world implementations of the Internet...

    Adam Lesser
  • The value of thermoelectric technology

    I don’t tend to look at thermoelectric technology that often though given the increasing focus on energy...

    Adam Lesser
  • Arguments over the true potential of the smart home

    Christopher Mims took aim at the buzz surrounding the smart home recently in his Wall Street Journal...

    Adam Lesser
  • Bipartisan support for a carbon tax?

    I have been hearing murmurs for the past decade regarding how climate change is impacting the insurance...

    Adam Lesser
  • How Airbnb makes its money

    The San Francisco Chronicle did an interesting analysis recently of Airbnb listings in San Francisco in an...

    Adam Lesser
  • Ride sharing’s insurance and liability issue

    The legitimization of ride sharing by the California Public Utilities Commission last year was a massive victory...

    Adam Lesser
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