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  • Three harmonious factors that change the CIO octave
    Weekly Update

    Wikipedia: The term harmony derives from the Greek ‘harmonia’, meaning “joint, agreement, concord”, from the verb ‘harmozo’,...

    Tim Crawford
  • Seven Things the CIO should consider when adopting a holistic cloud strategy

    As conversations about cloud computing continues to focus on IT’s inability at holistic adoption, organizations outside of...

    Tim Crawford
  • Ballmer departure changes the Microsoft game for enterprise CIOs

    In a letter to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, chairman Steve Ballmer announced his departure from Microsoft’s board...

    Tim Crawford
  • Cloud is now a boardroom discussion and more are requesting CIO adoption

    Raising the stakes in a high priced game, interest in cloud computing is reaching beyond IT and...

    Tim Crawford
  • Is Docker a threat to the Cloud ecosystem?

    Docker Containers Everywhere! Docker has undoubtedly been the most disruptive technology that the industry has witnessed in...

    Janakiram MSV
  • The number of 9s don’t matter, but business metrics do

    Technology organizations use percentage uptime as a key performance metric. Unfortunately, it is very technology focused in...

    Tim Crawford
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