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  • The 3 modes of enterprise cloud applications
    Weekly Update

    One of the key attributes to a successful cloud deployment is thinking about the strategy holistically. In...

    Tim Crawford
  • Is AWS offering a better exchange rate than your credit card?

    Amazon Web Services recently announced that its customers who pay by Visa and MasterCard credit and debit...

    James Mitchell
  • IBM InterConnect Day 1 Impressions

    InterConnect 2015 Las Vegas is the combination of a few IBM conferences. Past conferences carried quite a...

    Tim Crawford
  • How a $125 billion dollar market is evolving

    In 2014 we saw an increasing number of enterprises engage with and implement big data strategies. Simultaneously,...

    Ken Andersen
  • The enterprise view of cloud, specifically Private Cloud, is confusing

    Enterprise organizations are actively looking for ways to leverage cloud computing. Cloud presents the single-largest opportunity for...

    Tim Crawford
  • 3 reasons traditional enterprise vendors will fail

    Many often ask for my thoughts on traditional enterprise vendors compared with their startup and mid-size contemporaries....

    Tim Crawford
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