Author to Audience: Disintermediation in Publishing

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In the span of just six months, e-books have gone from an interesting curiosity to what many think is the future, as well as the eventual cause of death for big publishing. No doubt, Apple’s iPad and a revamped Kindle lineup have accelerated the momentum of this large-scale shift towards digital publishing, as both the technology and publishing worlds watch consumers go from paper to digital at an eye-popping rate.

At GigaOM and GigaOM Pro, we thought it would be interesting to bring these two worlds together to talk about the impact of e-books on the publishing industry. We invited some of the leading voices in e-books and publishing to GigaOM’s offices on Aug. 25 for a GigaOM Pro Bunker Session entitled, “Author to Audience: Disintermediation in Publishing.”

  • The Future Publishers: Who are the future publishers in the age of digital publishing?
  • Book as a platform: How does the changing definition of what a book is impact the author, publisher and audience and create new opportunities for the industry.

We’ve assembled a wonderful lineup of speakers to share their views with the audience, including:

  • Bradley Inman – CEO, Vook
  • Rob Macdonald, Senior Vice President, Business Development, Scribd
  • Zeke Koch – Director of Product Management, Digital Publishing, Adobe
  • Mark Coker – CEO, Smashwords
  • Nathan Bransford – Agent, Curtis Brown
  • Simon Wood – Anthony Award winning mystery author
  • John Warren – Member of Board of Directors, Media & Policy Center Foundation & Marketing Director, RAND Corporation Publications

We livestreamed the event exclusively to GigaOM Pro subscribers, and archive footage is available below.

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