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1Executive Summary

One of the hottest developments in local advertising has without question been the rise of daily deals. These, along with digital coupons, are now being comingled and distributed in mobile and location-based apps, and the marriage of the two creates a potent hyperlocal marketing combination.

This research note examines opportunities and challenges in this space for both large initiatives, such as Google Wallet, and smaller merchants and retailers. It provides an outlook of what — and who — to watch over the next several years as hyperlocal targeting becomes increasingly more mobile and mainstream.

Companies mentioned in this report include Amazon, American Express, AT&T, BuyWithMe, Collective, Facebook, Foursquare, Gilt Groupe, Google, Groupon, iPromote, LivingSocial, PaperG, PayPal, Scoutmob, Shopkick, Undertone, Visa, Wantsa, WHERE, XAD and Yelp.

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Greg Sterling

Greg Sterling

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