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Washington, DC

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The Media Wonk was created by Paul Sweeting, an Analyst for Gigaom Research and journalist who has been covering the intersecting worlds of media, entertainment, technology and public policy for more than 15 years. The original Media Wonk blog appeared on Content Agenda, a web site owned by Reed Business Information, publisher of Daily Variety, Broadcasting & Cable, Video Business, Publishers Weekly and other media-related properties. After Content Agenda was shut down by Reed, The Media Wonk soldiered on alone.

The project of this blog is to examine the impact of digital technology on the way cultural products are created, communicated and perceived, both in commercial terms as as a cultural and political phenomenon. Given his background as a journalist, he approaches the issue with no particular axe to grind, but with an abiding fascination with the subject.

The Media Wonk is based in Washington, DC, but he has lived and worked in New York and Los Angeles as well, and he’s intimately familiar with the world–and worldview–of the bi-coastal media/industrial complex.

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