Senior Analyst, SSG-NOW

Savannah, Georgia


Jim Bagley has more than 35 years of marketing and product management experience with companies such as Symbol Technologies, Norand, Code and Radix International. He is a pioneer in the field of handheld computers and portable bar code readers and an expert in memory technologies and the challenges of start-up companies. He has an established track record of turning startups into successful technology businesses. Jim has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Utah. 

Coverage areas: Solid state drives, Flash memory, performance, server and desktop virtualization, databases, channel, go-to-market and TCO/ROI, data protection, deduplication, disaster recovery, business continuity, cloud, online file sharing and collaboration, software-defined data center, storage management, HPC, storage infrastructure, storage virtualization, service providers, standards, object storage, file systems, migration and licensing

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