Independent Analyst/Writer, Contract Network Engineer/Architect, Thropos Ltd

London, UK


Greg is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and a Freelance Network Architect & Engineer currently working in Great Britain for Fortune 100 companies on a wide range of Enterprise networking and security technologies. Recently focussing on architecture and design for cloud networking using continuous delivery & Lean methodology as well as solving the Enterprise challenge for service selection. Security Infrastructure is also a key part of his expertise.

He is the co-host of the Packet Pushers Podcast – a weekly podcast on data networking. Covering all areas of networking, Packet Pushers is a roundtable discussion from users, customers and vendors to cover the networking industry. Mostly focussed on Enterprise and Cloud networking. The show is highly opinionated, deeply technical, nerdy, sponsored by vendors, and reaches an audience in excess of 10000 people per week.

Greg also writes regularly for Network Computing where he covers a range of networking topics including product and strategy from the vendors, technology reviews and ‘coalface’ experiences. Also analyst reports for Information Week.

He tours Silicon Valley twice a year, in a limousine, to meet vendors and startups. These briefings, part of the Tech Field Day event, and builds a primary source of independent relationships, contact and network of resources. This adds to the inbound information pool and contacts for information gathering and research.

He also blogs regularly at with a more technical focus and with more ‘strongly curated’ viewpoint.

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