Principal Analyst, The Kerton Group

Silicon Valley, CA

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Much of Derek’s insight comes from his strategic work with the innovation groups from many of the world’s global fixed and wireless carriers. Derek Kerton is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and is the Principal Analyst and head of the wireless practice for the Kerton Group, a consulting firm focused on advanced telecom, is also the chairman of The Telecom Council, an association for global telco executives and their ecosystem counterparts. Internationally recognized for his telecom industry insight, he consults for companies throughout the telecom value chain (NTT DoCoMo, SKTelecom, Disney, ESPN, Sony…) and the financial community on the telecom market issues (Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, Dow Jones, Morgan Stanley…). Mr. Kerton also sits on numerous advisory Boards, is frequent Chair and moderator in telecom industry conferences globally, and is quoted, published and interviewed globally on CNN, CNBC, BloombergTV, and Wall Street Journal. More industry research, analysis, and services available from the Kerton Group online at http://www.kertongroup.com.

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