Bob Egan

Founder, Chief Analyst, Sepharim Group, LLC

Boston, MA

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Bob Egan is an Analyst for Gigaom Research and is the founder, Chief Analyst at Sepharim Group. Bob, a Wi-Fi pioneer and mobility expert, has written hundreds of articles and research reports on the mobile industry.

Bob is also a founding member of 802.11 Wi-Fi industry standards. In addition to his work at Sepharim he is a contributing personal technology columnist for Forbes. Bob is widely considered one of the mobile industry’s most influential executive advisor sand strategists.

Bob’s current focus includes; enterprise mobility including BYOD, COPE, Enterprise mobility management (EMM), mobile security, cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Bob’s proven experience includes senior leadership roles as the Global Head of Research & Chief Analyst at the Corporate Executive Board’s TowerGroup, President and CEO of Mobile Competency (acquired in 2005), Chief Strategy Officer and GM of Corechange (acquired 2002), Global VP & Research Director for Mobile at Gartner and Advanced Technology Director at Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC).

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