Analyst, Gigaom Research

San Francisco

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In addition to being Gigaom’s lead Analyst on Internet of Things, Adam Lesser is an analyst for Blueshift Research, a San Francisco based investment research firm dedicated to public markets. He focuses on the intersection of technology and energy consumption, and has cleantech expertise in green IT, the share economy, the smart grid, and renewable energy generation.

His career began as an assignment editor for NBC News in New York where he worked on both the foreign and domestic desks. In his time at NBC, he covered numerous stories, including the Columbia shuttle disaster, the DC sniper, and the 2004 Democratic Convention. He won the GE Recognition Award for his work the night of Saddam Hussein’s capture. Between his time at NBC News and Blueshift, Adam spent two years studying biochemistry and working for the Weiss Lab at UCLA, which studies protein folding, which has implications for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Cystic Fibrosis.

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