Red Hat announces OpenShift marketplace

Red Hat just announced OpenShift Marketplace, a one-stop shop that will enable customers to find and try solutions for their cloud applications.  “The OpenShift Marketplace will bring the power of Red Hat’s OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) partner ecosystem directly to OpenShift Online customers, enabling them to experience the benefits of enterprise PaaS with tightly integrated, complementary solutions developed for the public cloud – all without losing time on technology integration.”

Do we need yet another marketplace?   We’ve seen this strategy dozens of times.  However, Red Hat does have a pretty good following, and this move will likely have a positive impact on their user base.

While PaaS continues to be slow to emerge, OpenShift is one of the exceptions in that sector.  The open source mega-player translated their technology to the cloud, both private and public.  So, while a marketplace would be a silly idea for smaller, less established players, it’s the right move for Red Hat.

These marketplaces seem to be table stakes for most cloud providers.  Most of the larger players such as AWS, Google, and have had them for some time.  The idea is to provide users with a list and clear path to leveraging third party technology providers that are known to work with the primary cloud solution.

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