Quick thoughts on Intel’s dual Windows/Android effort

When I first saw today’s news that Intel is looking to launch a dual Windows/Android PC at CES, I thought ‘Well, at least they’ve given up on their TV effort‘.

So while it seems a little more in their sweet spot than taking on Comcast, is Intel’s new idea, which The Verge first reported on, a good one?

A few thoughts:

  • The biggest problem I see is that neither Google or Microsoft is reportedly on board. I don’t think you can really push a serious effort into either business or consumer markets without the primary platform provider being behind it.
  • And worse is if, as the article suggests, Microsoft is actively campaigning against it. I really doubt hardware manufacturers have the stomach to jeopardize their relationship Microsoft as well as the marketing co-dollars that entails.
  • Dual OS devices have existed for some time and consumers don’t just buy them. As The Verge points out, ViewSonic has a dual Android/Windows tablet and it’s done nothing in the market
  • It seems to reek of desperation for Intel. The company has spent a decade transitioning to the mobile era with very limited success, and has also periodically pushed out PC-centric platforms that no one seems to want (remember Viiv?). This move appears to be one more attempt to create a new hardware platform to jump start a market.

Bottom line I don’t see a lot of consumer demand, and with a lack of support from Microsoft or Google I don’t see this new effort going far.

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